5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Must Have Online Presence!

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Must Have Online Presence!

Start-ups & young entrepreneurs who’ve just entered the market are definitely naïve with less exposure about how the world of brands & businesses work!
As they learn with time, patience, trial & failure, it’s likely that the first few years for your brand might be much tougher than you’ve imagined.

Due to the emergence of coronavirus, many have started their small-scale businesses because the loss of jobs has left people with no other option. Significantly, did you know that internet use has increased tremendously? This could be because in lockdown everyone is bored, including the elite who’s always in search of something innovative, glamorous & utterly appealing. Because there has been an even higher demand for anything that new & appealing, we see competition everywhere which in turn supports the reason to have a very prominent online standing!

1) No Outlet, No Name

It’s understandable that ‘Small Businesses’ might not make the profits initially or have the capital to open an outlet. So, when you cannot afford to have one, the best & the cheapest way would be making a website or even a page on various social media forums. Spreading the word is the primary step when it comes to marketing. Speaking about digital marketing, everything revolves around social media pages. Hence, its essential to be active & regular in putting bewitching stories & engaging posts.

2) Reaching Far & Wide

Online presence means you wouldn’t be just limited to your own territory, but your brand’s voice would reach far & wide – deserts, islands, caves & even remote undeveloped villages! So, wherever there would be good internet your brand would be visible for the world that means more potential buyers!

3) Effective Communication

A website serves a bigger role than just a platform to showcase what the business is about. Truly, it makes communication easier between the buyers & sellers – so that any queries/issues that arises can be resolved in no time with the least amount of hassle.

4) Availability Round The Clock!

For one of a kind of an experience, as a buyer I would appreciate if I can use the website as per my schedule & order the product/article according to my ease! An online presence doesn’t work like a 9-5pm desk job! The website is there all the time which means its available round the clock!

Surprisingly, even if a customer opens the site at 3A.M, the chat support bot/representative would be there to cater him/her! This not just makes the website likeable, but one can vouch for the brand that even when the client wasn’t satisfied, the brand representatives went overboard in sorting out the matter for them!

3) Competitive World

As essential as it sounds, understand that we live in a modern, technologically advanced world where there is a lot of competition. When so much competition surrounds your business, it’s impossible to make it stand out if it has no online visibility!

According to a recent survey it has been found that nearly 52% of small businesses don’t have a website, which could be some good news for those with a website.
Interestingly, the way the market trends are shifting ever since the arrival of COVID-19, people find it easier to order things online then to step out exposing themselves to the virus!

One can surely say that the benefits of having a Website outnumber its disadvantages because likes, followers & subscribers are the ingredients that define the worth of a brand in the current scenario!

In this era, any reputable company must have an online presence because the customers are always interested to check them virtually. If a store has no website, the potential client can distrust the quality & ranking of the business. Apart from a physical address, not having a website or email address means the client has nowhere to turn to from their devices. Often, vital information about your business is given to the customers through proper headings – various modules, sections, ‘contact us’ details, etc. answering all the What is and Why’s that people may have.

Another benefit of having a website is that multifarious small business owners would spend hours trying to build their own rookie site because they don’t want to the competitors to appear better than them – this is so much less expensive than putting up a stall like that in farmers’ market! Thanks to technological advancements, building and maintaining an exceptionally enchanting website is also not tougher like before because if you use an online website builder, in a matter of hours you can setup a proficient and speedy network! This is a definite profitable approach because many softwares are available to make new websites & that too absolutely free!